Passenger Experience

Build with digital materials. Connect with passengers.
The millions of people flying every day share one common goal: to get where they are going. Visual communications can help—we’ve all experienced getting the information we need from a well-placed sign or friendly kiosk—but the best visual communications solutions aren’t constrained to printed materials or devices. 
The best visual communications solutions are a core part of the airport environment. 
From the curbside, to check-in, to wayfinding, retail spaces, gates, and beyond, the very best communications tools help airlines connect with passengers at every turn. These solutions offer a consistent, cohesive experience for the entire passenger journey, decreasing stress and anxiety while enhancing passenger experience every step of the way.
Passengers glide through the airport getting the information that they need when they need it.  Critical dynamic data—like flight information, TSA wait times, wayfinding, and more—is embedded into immersive, branded content that engages passengers from the curbside to the gates. Our integrated display canvases can scale from a single digital signage screen, to a massive video wall, to many networked video walls of different sizes and configurations.
These solutions seamlessly integrate with airport operation systems. Our flexible set of new digital materials enable airports and airlines to reimagine the passenger experience and connect with travelers across every step of their onsite journey.
Learn more at the Airport Planning, Design and Construction Symposium February 28 in Denver! See Synect's digital materials experience at booth 210. 
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