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Emergency Messaging for Airports

Emergency Messaging Totem

Effective Communication for Critical Moments

Stay agile and responsive with our emergency communication solution

Activate Immediately 

In an emergency, things change fast. Emergency Messaging from Synect  helps airports communicate and respond when it matters most.


Create, activate, and clear emergency messages with a solution customized for your airport's unique procedures and physical layout.

Emergency Messaging in Baggage
Emergency Messaging Management

Custom Distribution, Precision Messaging

Distribute messages at various levels like airport-wide, to multiple terminals, a specific terminal, or an area or subgroup of an area.

Powerful Capabilities, Smart Workflows 

Synect offers messages and content for potential emergency scenarios. Airport teams can create ad-hoc messages to address complex and evolving scenarios, with permission-based processes for who can create activate, clear messages, and more. 

Emergency Messaging at Check in
Emergency Messaging Totem


  • Rapid Deployment: Activate and clear messages with ease, ensuring critical information where and when needed.

  • Customizable: Implementations tailored to fit each airport's procedures and physical layout for seamless integration and efficient response.

  • Scalable: For small and large facilities, our solution can share messages airport-wide and by terminal or area.

  • Policy-Based Workflows: Ensure compliance with permission-based processes for creating, approving, and activating messages.


  • Immediate Response: Quickly share emergency information.

  • Flexibility: Address evolving scenarios with ad-hoc messaging.

  • Clear Communication: Provide easily understood instructions and information.

  • Efficiency: Deploy emergency messaging only where needed to reduce alarm and confusion.

  • Safety Measures: Customizable permissions and safeguards to manage messaging workflows securely.

  • Seamless All-Clears: Quickly and efficiently communicate when emergencies are resolved.

  • Enhanced Safety: Create a safer environment for everyone. 

  • What is Synect’s Emergency Messaging solution for airports?
    Synect’s Emergency Messaging systems at airports is an innovative solution designed to communicate critical information swiftly and efficiently in crisis situations, ensuring the safety and guidance of passengers and staff.
  • How can Synect’s Emergency Messaging be activated at an airport?
    The system allows for immediate activation of messages across various levels, such as airport-wide, multiple terminals, or specific areas, depending on the urgency and scope of the situation.
  • What features make Synect’s Emergency Messaging effective during critical situations?
    Features include rapid deployment, customizable messages tailored to the airport's layout, and scalable solutions from small to large facilities.
  • What are the benefits of implementing Synect’s Emergency Messaging system in airports?
    The system offers immediate response capabilities, flexibility to address evolving scenarios, clear communication, and enhanced safety through customizable permissions and workflows.
  • How does Synect’s Emergency Messaging ensure compliance and security?
    It integrates policy-based workflows that require permissions for creating, approving, and activating messages, ensuring compliance and maintaining security.

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