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Greater Orlando Aviation Authority collaborates with Synect to install Evenflow Crowd Radar system to measure, share crowd density at gates

Dec 15, 2020

Orlando International Airport (MCO) is reaffirming its commitment to being at the forefront of technological and social innovation. As passenger traffic grows amid a spike in COVID-19 cases, personal health and safety at the airport are paramount. To empower passengers to make informed decisions about where and when they maneuver through the airport, MCO is participating in a pilot program that monitors crowd density.

The Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA) is collaborating with SYNECT to install an Evenflow Crowd Radar system that measures the number of people at the gate areas and delivers the information via digital signs and custom lights throughout the facility. Variable light intensity and color-coded messaging provides travelers real-time data so they can make decisions on when to proceed to their gate, where to sit and how to maintain social distancing while transiting the airport.

“While we are encouraged by increasing passenger traffic, we know the responsibility to maintain our guests’ well-being increases as well,” said Phil Brown, Greater Orlando Aviation Authority CEO. “This new system will hopefully help passengers make informed decisions and reduce the anxiety that accompanies travel during these challenging times.”

Image by Sachin Uplaonkar

Long term airport innovation partner Synect created Evenflow Crowd Radar to empower passengers with information, increase passenger confidence and decrease passenger anxiety.

“Evenflow Crowd Radar uses behavioral science to make the airport safer for passengers, employees, and the public,” Yahav Ran, CEO of Synect, said. “We’re proud to be working with the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority and a team of leading scientists to demonstrate how visual communication drives compliance and promotes healthier passenger behavior.”


  • MCO is the first airport in the world to implement the Evenflow Crowd Radar System

  • Pilot launched in time for holiday travel season

  • Part of an airport-wide Health + Trust program

  • The Evenflow system uses science and visual communication to influence passenger behavior so they can make healthy choices for themselves.

  • System uses Lidar, heat mapping/Safe Space, ReadySeeGo, and custom light poles “Social Lights” to provide real-time view of:

  • Open or crowded areas for social distancing, wayfinding, etc.
    Real-time views of cleaned chairs, facilities via tracking cleaning staff with special badges
    In-depth visibility for GOAA to track data and passenger behavior and measure impact

The system became operational on November 20, 2020 and is being tested at gates 101-109. The pilot period will last for several months, after which the data will be analyzed and the Authority will evaluate whether to deploy the technology airport-wide.

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