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5 Reasons Passenger360 is the Ultimate Airport CMS

Passenger360® by Synect is a cutting-edge visual communication platform and content management system (CMS) for airports, airlines, and government agencies. It can help airports upgrade from legacy digital signage and make their facility work better for everyone. Below is one video and five compelling reasons that show why Passenger360 stands out as the best CMS for airports.

1. Custom-Designed for Airports

Passenger360 isn't a generic CMS; it's purpose-built for on-premise use at airports. This approach provides advanced workflows like common-use check-in, security screening, and gate-boarding sequences. By leveraging airport data, including flight schedules, Passenger360 automatically adapts to changes in real time, surpassing the capabilities of traditional digital signage solutions.

2. Smart Integration with Airport Systems

Our solution seamlessly integrates with airport data and systems, such as FIDS/BIDS/GIDS/CIDS, the Airport Operational Database (AODB), Resource Management Systems (RMS), and Passenger Address (PA) solutions. These integrations mean Passenger360 can use airport data intelligently to make automated decisions about when and where to display content—and it shares essential information to help passengers across their journey.

Passenger360 at Gates in MCO

3. Automation, Business Rules, and Smart Controls

Passenger360 operates autonomously, driven by airport data and custom business rules. It responds dynamically to changing circumstances without manual intervention. For instance, in the event of a flight delay, Passenger360 automatically adjusts boarding content at the gate, ensuring accurate and timely information. Airports have the flexibility to determine what aspects they want to manage manually without the complexities experienced in legacy digital signage systems.

4. Reliability

Synect’s airport CMS boasts unparalleled reliability, offering a guaranteed uptime of 99.9 percent. This commitment ensures continuous and uninterrupted service, instilling confidence in airport operators and passengers alike.

Passenger360 at JetBlue

5. Beautiful and Helpful Branded Content

Th Synect studio excels at creating visually stunning content that engages passengers, enhances the airport environment, and leaves a lasting impression. From captivating live-action videos to immersive 3D visuals and dynamic motion graphics, our studio does it all.

The content showcases airport and airline branding, effectively communicates security and divestment protocols, and offers a variety of information like wayfinding, public announcements, wait times, weather updates, and TSA security screening information. This content is layered into cinematic-quality video content. Goodbye, digital signage tables and templates. With its flexible content layers and real-time data integration, Passenger360 meets the modern passenger's expectations while elevating the airport experience.

Check out our video to see the streamlined power of Passenger360. If you're eager to learn more about why Synect’s Passenger360 visual communication ecosystems are the best choice for your airport, please contact us.

P.S. Passenger360 is also scalable, flexible, and award-winning. We can’t wait to share more reasons why it truly is the ultimate airport CMS.


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