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Transportation Security Administration

Delivering a Faster, Better Security Checkpoint

How TSA used Synect’s ReadySeeGo® digital signage solutions to increase throughput and enhance passenger experience at LAS

Image by Sergey Pesterev


The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Innovation Task Force (ITF) identifies emerging solutions to increase security effectiveness and efficiency. The ITF selected Synect’s digital signage content and solutions for implementation at the Innovation Checkpoint, a live screening environment at McCarran International Airport. 

Synect’s solutions were evaluated for increasing efficiency and throughput while enhancing passenger experience. The goals were to help passengers prepare for screening, divest of personal items, and navigate the environment. The program would also replace traditional print stanchions and lessen the TSOs’ interactions with the public.



ReadySeeGo® is an on-demand digital signage solution. It is portable and combines autonomous, dynamic digital content, hardware, and software in a dual-sided plug-and-play display.

Synect’s studio developed a content program for use in the security screening checkpoint based on the principles of:

  • Education about where to go, how to prepare, and next steps

  • Entertainment to engage passengers and decrease perceived wait times

  • Information to reduce anxiety by keeping passengers informed

  • Automation that delivers instructions to allow officers to focus on screening

  • Local control to enable TSOs to activate pre-created screening scenarios 

Synect used its unique content creation governance process to align key stakeholders, including TSA departments in Washington, D.C., local TSA staff, and airport operations and technology groups. The governance process is a unified strategy for delivering visual communication and resolving the collaborative challenges of traditional digital signage implementations.

Power in Numbers

Image by Sergey Pesterev


Synect installed eight ReadySeeGo® digital totems at two different checkpoints. Four units were implemented at the Innovation Checkpoint, where the screening procedures change frequently based on demonstrations. Four totems were installed in the standard screening lanes of the Terminal 3 Checkpoint.

The digital signage content is TSA-vetted and in strict adherence to TSA safety, security, and regulatory information. It is creatively delivered as infotainment that helps passengers engage. Seasonal content greets McCarran passengers at security. Valentine’s Day chocolates remind them to gather all personal items, and similar creative visuals communicate in fresh, fun ways. The content addresses each stage of a passenger’s progress throughout the checkpoint. A TSO using a tablet can easily modify states such as K9 teams in use and TSA PreCheck®. Each ReadySeeGo® unit provides targeted messaging at a pivotal moment. Those are: 

  • Queue: The entry point of the security checkpoint lane

  • Divest: The area within the queuing lanes

  • TDC: Located at the travel document checker

  • Recomposure: The area after passenger screening



The evaluation was a massive success. Not only did the ReadySeeGo® units help increase efficiency and throughput, but they were an essential part of helping customers adapt to other new technologies and procedures at the Innovation Checkpoint.

The feedback from both the local TSA Federal Security Director and TSA staff supports the solution’s effectiveness and benefits for the traveling public. Austin Gould, TSA Assistant Administrator for RCA, told the press: "They're eye-catching, you can go through any checkpoint and see signs all over the place, and not a lot of passengers always read them. This is much more eye-catching, and it's dynamic; you can change it on the spot." TSOs see passengers arriving at the Automated Screening Lanes (ASLs) with their documents ready and liquids removed. McCarran airport operations staff appreciates the ReadySeeGo® units’ small footprint and their ability to blend into the security lanes.

Synect continues to partner with TSA and airport clients to create new content for dynamic checkpoint procedures. Integration with McCarran’s Queue Management System (QMS) will commence in the spring of 2021.

Following the evaluation, TSA greenlit Synect’s ReadySeeGo® program for nationwide adoption. Units have been deployed to Orlando International Airport, Reagan National Airport, LaGuardia Airport, and elsewhere.

Download the Case Study: ReadySeeGo® at McCarran International Airport Security Checkpoint

Download the Brochure: ReadySeeGo® for Faster, Better Security Checkpoints

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