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Launching Titanfall at Microsoft Store

How Microsoft used video walls and content by Synect for an epic video game launch and in-store experience

Image by Sergey Pesterev


Titanfall was one of the world’s most anticipated video game title, winning over 60 awards at its E3 reveal. Microsoft needed to raise awareness for a series of exclusive midnight launches at the Microsoft Store—and create a launch time experience that customers would never forget. 

The goal was to countdown to the game's release to raise awareness and drive attendance at the in-store launch event.



Microsoft had a vision to unveil an immersive Titanfall experience where customers could play the game on the store’s massive video walls. This unique canvas was over 150 feet long and 30 times the size of an HD movie. 

The media, including the custom video content, dynamic countdowns, and live gameplay, had to be formatted to fit each unique store and video wall layout, then delivered to over 60 retail locations.

Power in Numbers

Image by Sergey Pesterev


Synect created more than 10 minutes of original video wall content for the Titanfall launch. A dynamic countdown and massive teasers raised awareness in stores for weeks before the event. At showtime, custom-created action sequences played across the walls, mirroring gameplay and immersing customers in the world of Titanfall. 

Microsoft Store Creative Director, Florin Gale, was quoted on ForwardGeek saying: “Titans were falling from skies; people were playing games in interactive zones of the video wall. They were immersed in a Titanfall experience. The entire store, and the video wall specifically, was absolutely Titanfall.”



The effect was a visceral immersion into the game that significantly increased launch-time awareness. Almost a million copies of Titanfall sold the month it launched.

The experience captivated fans and thrilled the press. Multiple outlets reported on this new retail experience, and PSFK wrote: “Ultra-high definition video of Titans falling from the sky, missiles soaring across futuristic skylines, and full action sequences mirrored Titanfall gameplay on the 150-foot video wall.”

Synect's Titanfall video wall experience won a Digital Screen Media Crown Award.

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