The Most Magical Story Never Told

How Make-A-Wish and Synect created a special place to help children find their heart's wish

Image by Sergey Pesterev


Once upon a time, an organization went on a mission to grant life-changing wishes to children with critical illnesses. They delivered thousands of amazing wishes to thousands of extraordinary youngsters, turning them into heroes, princes, and princesses, even taking some of them to far-away places or on magical adventures. Sometimes these children had a hard time choosing from a whole wide world of possible wishes. 

That’s when the Make-A-Wish Foundation turned to Synect to design and create a special place to inspire children to search their hearts for their fondest wish, which the foundation would then grant.



This space would be called The Wishing Room, and Synect would use all its digital magic to design a place that helped children find and make their wishes. Should this room be a fairy forest? Could it be a wishing well? Would it be a starry sky full of friendly stars? The room could be anything at all—the only rule was that it had to remain a secret. 

No one can see it except the chosen few invited to visit The Wishing Room to make their wish come true.

The wizards at Synect went to work creating several visions for what the Wishing Room could be and then travelled to the far-off land of Trumbull, Connecticut, to bring the new content and experience to life.

Power in Numbers

Image by Sergey Pesterev


The Make-a-Wish Foundation and Synect teamed up to create a unique and captivating experience in the new Wish Room space. Synect built custom props and used a combination of projection mapping and animation to bring the room and experience to life. The studio’s experience designers and content creators crafted a story to make the wish-granting experience guided, exciting, and immersive.

When a Wish Kid walks into the room, it comes to life and creates a unique wish granting experience. A bright, bold combination the custom content and interactivity engages children and their families. This immersive smart space prompts children to consider and make their wish by showing them example wishes to:

  • Become someone or something

  • Meet someone special

  • Go somewhere amazing

  • Have a gift for themselves

  • Give a gift to someone or something else

Integrated audio and interactivity deliver a sequenced experience to guide children through a process of searching their heart and making their wish.



The new digital experience at The Wishing Room launched in the fall of 2021. “We are thrilled with our collaboration with the Make-A-Wish Foundation,” Synect Creative Director Ryan Boyle said. “It was so gratifying to put our team’s expertise in digital experience and content creation to use benefiting Wish Kids, their families, and the entire organization.”

Staff and the press were delighted by the new space. Connecticut Post wrote: “For the employees, the day was about celebrating their wish come true — a new $6 million center that will give children a much-needed chance to enjoy their childhoods.” The article quotes Michelle Wilson, board chairwoman of the organization’s Connecticut branch, who said, “It’s beyond my wildest dreams of what the wishing place is going to be for our chapter… we're excited to hopefully bring it to other chapters in the U.S. as well.”

The Make-A-Wish Foundation’s new Wishing Room is a project very near and dear to Synect’s heart. The team is proud of the work and the experience created. Please contact us to request a special virtual presentation of the new Wish Room Experience, because some things simply must be seen to be believed.


Helping children find their heart's wish

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