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5 Ways Airports Benefit from a Strong Sense of Place

Updated: Mar 7

Airports are more than gateways to destinations; they are the first and last impression of a city or region. A strong sense of place at airports can elevate the travel experience, creating memorable moments that linger long after the journey.

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As airport experience makers—and frequent flyers—we know this well. Airports with a vibrant, distinct feel stand out from the rest. They offer an atmosphere that lingers, making our journeys more than transitions between destinations. Those lacking a sense of place simply fade into the background.

Airports can create a strong sense of place by embracing and celebrating their communities, bringing the outside inside their facility, and using custom digital content and design elements like light, water, plants, seasons, and more. This results in a more welcoming, relaxing, and memorable facility and drives significant business benefits. Those are: 

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: A unique and memorable environment can make the travel experience more relaxing and enjoyable for passengers, leading to higher satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Positive Brand Image: An airport that stands out for its design, amenities, or cultural elements can enhance its reputation and brand image, attracting more passengers and business opportunities.

  • Increased Non-Aeronautical Revenue: A memorable airport environment can encourage passengers to spend more time and money on shopping, dining, and other services, boosting non-aeronautical revenue for the airport.

  • Community Representation: Airports can showcase local culture, art, and destinations, extending the adventure for passengers and highlighting all they have to look forward to.

  • Competitive Advantage: A distinctive airport can differentiate itself from competitors, attracting airlines, passengers, and businesses looking for unique travel experiences, winning awards, capturing positive press, and more.

At Synect, we understand the importance of creating a sense of place at airports. Our CEO Yahav Ran joined a panel of industry experts at the Airport Planning, Design, & Construction Symposium on March 6and shared our best practices to help create a sense of place for our clients like Orlando International Airport and Dallas Fort Worth International Airport.

Yahav, Synect’s Director of Business Development, Gina Marie Paquette, and Head of Strategic Engagement, Montee Fiely, were all at the event, sharing more about our unique approach.


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