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7 Ways LGA and Synect Enhanced Terminal B’s Security Checkpoint

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

LaGuardia Airport (LGA) is setting a new bar for airport visual communications. Synect worked with LaGuardia Airport to drive thought leadership and passenger empowerment across the visual communications ecosystem at the airport’s new Terminal B.

The goal of passenger empowerment is to deliver a better airport experience through effective, contextual visual communications. This approach truly shines at the security checkpoint, which was highlighted in Business Insider’s roundup of the best features in LaGuardia Airport’s huge new terminal. The article explains: “Electronic signs divide the lines with separate lanes for TSA PreCheck, families, and limited-mobility flyers. . . Informational signs along the way also tell passengers what they need to do when they get to the screening instead of having a TSA officer scream ‘belts off, laptops out,’ etc.”

Screenshot showing Business Insider headline about electronic signs with security checkpoint digital signage
Business Insider on the New Digital Signage at LGA

It is true. Giving passengers the information they need, when and where they need it, leads to better environments and greater efficiency, which enhances the overall experience. Here are seven ways that LGA and Synect empower passengers at the security area, which includes overhead LED displays and digital signage totems.

1. Glance and Go Visuals

Where do I go? What do I do? How long will it take? Passengers need answers, and LGA delivers with intuitive, dashboard-like visuals on the LED digital signage at the security checkpoint. LGA uses content from Synect to give passengers the information they need to quickly assess and navigate the security checkpoint area with confidence.

Closeup of security digital signage content at LGA

2. Lane Identifiers

Passengers can quickly queue up in the right line thanks to highly visible lane identifiers that change as lanes are reconfigured.

3. Dynamic Wait Times

Waiting is the worst. People want to get started. Uncertain waits seem longer than known, finite waits. Anxiety makes waits seem longer. All these concerns disappear at Terminal B’s security checkpoint with prominent, real-time wait times by for each lane type.

A 3D rendering of the security checkpoint at LaGuardia Airport showing two video walls with custom localized airport content
LaGuardia Airport Security Checkpoint Video Walls

4. Localized Content

Passengers should get a distinct sense of place as they travel through an airport. Custom city scenes created by Synect play on the overhead digital signage to celebrate New York and its iconic landmarks. An animated view of the Brooklynn Bridge and city skyline help establish the airport’s distinct brand and identity. This approach is also carried through to other passenger touchpoints at LGA.

5. A Cohesive Visual Approach

Different styles, mediums, and messages can create anxiety and confusion for passengers. By implementing one calming, creative visual style at the checkpoint and other locations like arrivals, LGA and Synect have ensured Terminal B’s visitors have a cohesive passenger journey.

6. Essential Information

Divestment instructions and reminders are displayed on digital signage totems at the checkpoint. These engaging visuals educate and inform passengers about the screening and divestment process. Education helps passengers show up prepared for screening. It also increases throughput and efficiency as Transportation Security Officers (TSOs) spend less time instructing and more time screening passengers.

Digital signage at LaGuardia Airport showing security checkpoint content
Digital signage at LaGuardia Airport

7. Enhanced Passenger Experience + Increased Throughput

The result of the digital signage and visual communications content strategy is a security checkpoint that looks, feels, and works better. Passengers are engaged, entertained, and informed in ways that help them know where to go and what to do. Operations and TSOs get a boost from effective, automated instructions that address passengers’ questions before they arise. All of this means that passengers are moving through security faster and having a better experience while they are there.

Passenger anxiety typically spikes at the security checkpoint area. Visual communication solutions from Synect address this pain point by empowering passengers with accurate, engaging and useful information at every step of the way. LGA’s new Terminal B is showcasing how and why airports should rethink their security checkpoint experience.


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