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Airports International Features Synect’s Passenger360®

The latest issue of Airports International Magazine features Synect CEO Yahav Ran on our unique approach to visual communication. The article goes in-depth on Passenger360®, our CMS and visual communication platform that helps airports enhance their facilities and passenger experience.

Readers can learn what makes the system different from traditional digital signage. “Passenger360 is a visual communication platform from Synect that is helping airports go beyond digital signage with flexible, responsive content programs that can scale from [curbside] to gates and back again. It is a new approach to visual communication that helps airports move on from digital signage by focusing on informed, engaged passengers, ease of management and operations, and cinema-quality content throughout the airport.”

The article also covers how Passenger360 delivers smart, efficient management and playback. “The management system does away with the need for trained staff to create content and make updates. It does this through customization and integration on a per-airport basis, pulling data like counter allocation, TSA lane IDs, wait times, and more directly from the AODB (airport operational database) or other airport systems to make intelligent programming decisions across the airport.

Learn more about Passenger360 and see highlights of our work from Orlando International Airport, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, and other locations in the latest Airports International Magazine.


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