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Closer Look: Evenflow Crowd Radar at MCO

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

Passengers and the press were thrilled with yesterday’s official launch of Evenflow Crowd Radar at Orlando International Airport (MCO). We have gotten a lot of questions about how the system works. This video provides a closer look at the Evenflow solution deployed at MCO and the unique crowd radar that allows us to track passenger density and share that information in real time.

Evenflow is a new product in Synect’s ReadySeeGo® lineup. The system was developed in partnership with leading scientists to influence passenger behavior and empower them to make healthy choices for themselves and others.

We also worked with technology partner The Indoor Lab to deliver high-resolution Lidar-based tracking. Relevant information is then displayed on the custom lights and ReadySeeGo’s digital maps to help passengers navigate and make healthy choices.

As the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority is a long-term innovation partner, MCO was the ideal location for a world-first trail of this new solution. As the COVID-19 pandemic grew in severity earlier this year, we worked together to share health-related guidance across the airport’s massive visual communication ecosystem.

A color-coded map showing crowd density at the airport
Digital signage content:: color-coded map

This new pilot was deployed just in time for the busy holiday travel season. Evenflow gently encourages passengers to follow the green light to find the least crowded locations near their gates. This boosts passenger confidence and influences them to make healthier choices, which increases the health and safety of the environment.

The data is also analyzed to measure the system's effect on passenger behavior and discover new ways to optimize airport operations. See Synect CEO Yahav Ran talk about how Synect’s new Evenflow Crowd Radar has boosted social distancing and compliance in this Fox 35 interview.

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