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Delta Expands LAX Thermal Screening Using ReadySeeGo®

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Delta is expanding on the new terminal wellness thermal screening pilot at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). The innovative program launched in June at the Tom Bradley International Terminal to screen body temperatures of departing and arriving passengers. It is one way the airport is combating COVD-19. A key part of the new program is raising awareness and educating passengers on how to prepare for screening, which is accomplished with Synect’s ReadySeeGo® platform. ReadySeeGo® is a portable, turnkey digital signage solution from Synect.

A RreadySeeGo digital signage totem showing digital Delta brand content and airport messaging to passengers
ReadySeeGo at LAX

With the expansion, the airport wellness program now screens passengers at the airport’s Terminal 2. The Thrifty Traveler reports: “Delta Air Lines will begin thermal temperature scans of passengers at one of its terminals in Los Angeles (LAX) this week, the airline confirmed to Thrifty Traveler. It’s part of a three-week pilot that may eventually pave the way to make Delta the first legacy U.S. airline to employ temperature checks on a wide scale.”

One of the unique advantages of ReadySeeGo® is that it combines content, software, and hardware in a self-contained digital signage solution on wheels. For any implementation, the visual communications content is what helps airports engage passengers, roll out new programs, provide instructions, and more. At LAX, the digital content delivers custom messaging and easily understood visual instructions Directional arrows help passengers understand where to go. Custom-created characters, which can be thought of as pictograms come to life, demonstrate how to prepare for the screening with gestures like removing hats and glasses. The creative content matches the airport-branded Travel Safely at LAX campaign.

Three ReadySeeGo digital signage totems showing airport and airline branded content
ReadySeeGo® totems and content

To support the expansion, Synect collaborated with Delta to create custom, airline-branded content for use in Terminal 2. This new content helps with wayfinding and directs passengers to the right queue. Synect also provided branded content for Virgin Atlantic, Aeromexico, and Westjet. Because the ReadySeeGo® totems are portable, wireless, and free from dependencies on construction or additional hardware, they are the perfect platform for rolling out new, changing procedures.

Interested in what else ReadySeeGo® can do? This Synect product is being used by the TSA, Orlando International Airport, Harry Reid International Airport, Reagan National Airport, and other major travel facilities. Learn more at


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