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Digital Signage Content from MCO and Synect Mesmerizes Passengers at Security

Did you know that watching aquariums and fish tanks boost a viewer’s physical and mental wellbeing? Experts from the National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth University, and the University of Exeter have found that viewing aquariums lead to “noticeable reductions in blood pressure and heart rate” and that they can help “hold people's attention for longer and improve their moods.

Orlando International Airport (MCO) and Synect unveiled a new experience at the security checkpoint that uses the illusion of an aquarium to mesmerize and relax passengers at security. Our new digital 3D fish tank features realistic sea creatures and layers of helpful content. Wayfinding, estimated wait times, concessions information, and an integrated QR code share the digital fish tank with pufferfish, eels, and schooling fish as they swim to and fro.

Synect's studio used 3D models and real-world footage to create the lifelike illusion on digital signage. Small, intentional imperfections like reflections, refractions, and scratches add to the realism.

"Our team worked hard to create the same sense of relaxation and enjoyment that people get from a real aquarium. With thoughtful design elements including bubbles, a slight reflection of the QR code, and more, we were able to portray and deliver a realistic experience that calms passengers at checkpoint," Synect Creative Director Ryan Boyle said.

The effect is both hypnotic and exciting. People on social media agree. MCO’s announcement garnered both enthusiasm and fish puns.

@nickdwyerdesign writes: “Fantastic utilsation of animation to liven up boring airport directional signage by @SynectMedia. Creating a strong sense of place + a memorable first/last impression is super valuable for both the airport and the city's tourism industry…”

The City of Orlando even got in on the fun, calling the experience “classy” and “so-fish-ticated.”

We're willing to take the bait and say these fish puns are Kraken us up.

Interested in what digital signage can do at your airport? Drop us a line today.


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