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LAX launches Terminal Wellness Project with Thermal Cameras, ReadySeeGo

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged airports to develop new ways of doing business and keeping passengers safe. Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is an early innovator, with a recently launched Terminal Wellness Project. In this pilot program, the airport is testing thermal camera technology to help identify passengers with elevated body temperatures. The program is voluntary, and one key to boosting engagement is passenger education. Effective visual communication educates passengers about the program and how to participate, which empowers them with information and encourages them to engage in a positive way.

Using custom content from Synect and our portable digital signage solution ReadySeeGo™, LAX has enhanced both the program and their environment. The content features easily understood information and visual instructions. Messaging raises awareness. Directional arrows help passengers understand where to go. Custom-created characters demonstrate how to prepare for the screening with reminders like removing hats and glasses. The digital signage content and characters are based on the airport’s Travel Safely at LAX campaign. The Synect studio used the LAX’s visual direction and created the characters to bring the campaign to life in an engaging, memorable way.

A diverse set of characters reflects the vibrant surrounding area, and each character acts out instructions to help passengers prepare for the wellness screening. The digital signage content is visually engaging and bilingual, to empower passengers with easily consumed information about the new program. It is also airport branded and displays health-related information such as reminders to wash hands and stay over six feet apart.

"Los Angeles World Airports has been rapidly evolving its policies, procedures, technology offerings, and physical spaces to ensure the safety and health of passengers and employees alike," Justin Erbacci, LAWA’s Chief Executive Officer Designate, said in a press release about the project. "With the incredible help from the Carlyle Airport Group, Schneider Electric, and our other partners, LAX will lead the nation in a comprehensive test of thermal imaging. Our Terminal Wellness Pilot Project is part of our extensive efforts to protect all those traveling through LAX and is another example of how LAWA is setting new standards for the airport industry with best practices, technology and innovation."

Interested in a solution that can be rolled out with minimal effort to provide maximum impact? ReadySeeGo™ empowers passengers with engaging, helpful information and gives airports a flexible, portable, streamlined visual communications platform. Learn more about Synect's portable digital signage platform at


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