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Synect Partners With VSBLTY to Bring Real Time Analytics to Airports

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

Today VSBLTY announced a new contract with Synect to bring VSBLTY DataCaptor™ to airports as part of Synect's ReadySeeGo™ solution. The announcement was made by VSBLTY Co-founder and CEO Jay Hutton.

Their press release describes the collaboration: "The Synect digital signage program is called “ReadySeeGo™.” ReadySeeGo is a turnkey digital signage solution that combines visual communications content, hardware and software in a streamlined mobile display that is plug-and-play using a standard power outlet. VSBLTY DataCaptor™ is expected to be added to approximately 2,200 airport ReadySeeGo units. DataCaptor leverages camera and sensor technology with artificial intelligence (machine learning and computer vision) to provide real-time analytics. These real-time analytics will allow the ReadySeeGo units to display responsive, relevant content to passengers as they navigate the airport environment."

This partnership comes at an exciting time, as ReadySeeGo™ continues to bring powerful innovation to airports with programs Including biometric screening, COVID-19 awareness and guidance, thermal cameras and wellness checkpoints, and more. Learn more at

“The collaboration between VSBLTY and Synect is exciting and offers our clients new AI-powered innovation and insight,” Synect founder and CEO Yahav Ran said. “With VSBLITY DataCaptor, ReadySeeGo can deliver impactful, responsive content based on user behavior, demographics and more. This allows for experiences that are even more engaging and provides new ways for our clients to take visual communications to the next level,” Ran said.


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