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Synect’s ReadySeeGo® offers airports and airlines a flexible, portable, turnkey way to deliver essential wayfinding information. These digital signage totems can be positioned throughout the airport to help passengers find their way. Airports can customize ReadySeeGo® wayfinding programs for popular destinations or challenging passenger journeys. The solution can reflect real-time airport activity to help detour passengers as needed.  

Smart, Flexible Airport Wayfinding

  • Synect’s ReadySeeGo® helps passengers navigate the airport with ease. Airports can quickly and easily roll out digital wayfinding programs across the airport.  


    The digital signage content can integrate with airport systems to dynamically display wait times, walk times, and other data. Reroute passengers, provide information about facilities and concessions, or alert passengers to gate changes, construction, and more with ReadySeeGo®  


    Easy to place and easy to move, ReadySeeGo® works in hallways, corridors, areas of converging traffic, queues, and any other environment without impeding passenger flow. 

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