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Enhancing Passenger Flow and Increasing Throughput

The Dallas Fort Worth International Airport turned to Synect for a robust visual communication solution that helps international and domestic passengers navigate arrivals, CBP, and elsewhere.

Synect extended the Passenger360® system already in place at DFW’s Terminal D Extension/Gate of Tomorrow for use at four decision points.

  • As arriving passengers head towards Customs and Border Protection (CBP)

  • When leaving CBP and heading to connecting flights or the airport exit

  • While choosing security checkpoints

  • During recomposure and wayfinding to gates

The solution displays smart, dynamic, automatically translated content at CBP, post-CBP, the security checkpoint, and wayfinding locations. Synect provided professional translation services and created custom, dynamic content for the digital signs.

The flight schedule and countries of origin drive the languages shown. For example, flights originating from Brazil will automatically cause the signs to display Portuguese and Spanish.

DFW and Synect extended the system to the airport’s High C Gates wayfinding signs. The content plays across both LCD and LED displays. Dynamic data, such as estimated real-time wait times in security lanes, walk times to alternate security checkpoints, and flight information, helps passengers navigate the airport. In May 2023, DFW won the top ASQ (Airport Service Quality) Award for North American Airports serving over 40 million passengers. In 2023, DFW’s Multilingual Wayfinding Project won two 2023 Digital Signage Award First Prizes for Creative Execution of Visualization of Dynamic, Integrated Data and Creative Execution of Technical Achievement.


  • Provides Safety and Security Information

  • Increases Passenger Throughput

  • Facilitate Passenger Flow

  • Facilitates Baggage Operations

  • Enhances Wayfinding

  • Supports Passengers at Ticketing, Security, Gates, Arrivals, and Beyond

  • Enhances Terminal Facilities

  • Displays FIDS/BIDS/GIDS

  • Enables Air Carrier Identification

  • Enhances Common Use Scenarios

  • Displays Real-Time Wait Times

  • Can Be Upgraded to Monitor Passenger Movements

Contact us now to learn how our solutions meet the FAA’s PFC funding criteria

Passenger360® is an award-winning solution used at Orlando International Airport, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, San Francisco International Airport, and elsewhere. Get in touch to learn how our solutions can enhance your capital improvement program and address 49 CFR Part 1542 - Airport Security.
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Streamline Passenger Processing

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Our solutions meet PFC eligibility criteria

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