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Explore Sense of Place with Our CEO at the Airport Symposium

Airports today are more than transportation hubs; they are gateways that set the tone for travelers' experiences of a city or region. Cultivating a sense of place within airport spaces enhances the overall passenger journey and delivers a lasting positive experience.  

Synect CEO Yahav Ran will be a featured speaker at the Airport Planning, Design, & Construction Symposium, taking place in Salt Lake City, Utah, on March 6. He will join a talk with other industry experts titled "Innovative Blending of Art and Immersive Multimedia to Create a Sense of Place." Attendees will learn new strategies to bring the outside inside, celebrate their local region, and create an enhanced, localized, branded environment.

Kimberly Fabend, Managing Director, Aviation Planning, C&S Companies, will lead the panel, which will also feature:

  • Nancy Volmer, Director of Communication and Marketing, Salt Lake City International Airport

  • Alan Howell, Senior Airport Architect, Metropolitan Airports Commission (MSP)

  • Leah Douglas, Director of Guest Experience, Philadelphia International Airport

Creating a memorable sense of place at an airport offers numerous benefits, including enhanced customer experiences, a positive brand image, increased non-aeronautical revenue, community representation, and a competitive advantage. Airports can use custom content, digital signs, and a visual ecosystem to achieve these and other benefits.

Are you curious about cultivating a sense of place in your airport? Join us to discuss blending art and immersive multimedia and explore how to elevate your airport's appeal.

Schedule a meet-up at the event or contact us for an individual meeting to discuss your airport's unique needs and challenges

We look forward to seeing you there!


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