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LGA and Synect Aim High with Terminal B Digital Signage

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

LaGuardia Airport’s new Terminal B has been hailed as a state of the art airport facility that “transforms passenger experience.” Governor Andrew Cuomo called it a “world-class transportation hub that is worthy of the state of New York.” Forbes calls it a “monumental project” aiming to create “a 21st century air gateway reflecting the vibrancy of New York. . .”

The reviews are in, and the latest milestone in LaGuardia’s $8 billion transformation is a smashing success. Every detail of the new facility from the architecture to the art was envisioned to elevate passenger experience. Synect is proud to announce our participation in the project.

Synect worked with LaGuardia Airport Partners to drive thought leadership and passenger empowerment across the digital visual communications at the airport. The goal of passenger empowerment is to deliver a better airport experience through effective, contextual content. Passengers get the information they need from the first step of their journey to the last. A visual communications ecosystem with empowering content lets these passengers glide through the airport with ease, and it provides specialized solutions for common pain points such as the security checkpoint.

Digital signage content showing futuristic FIDS interface
FIDS of the Future

Synect’s FIDS of the Future is a good example. Synect consulted with LGA to provide a vision for our FIDS of the Future, which empowers passengers with essential flight information in a glance-and-go format. FIDS of the Future delivers a curated view through visual elimination, simplicity, and a dashboard-like approach.

This gives passengers quick, visual answers to common questions like, “What’s the status of my flight?” or “Do I have time to eat?” Empowered with this information, passengers can hustle to a changed gate, relax, or dine and shop.

Digital signage content of a futuristic Flight Information Display (FIDS) interface
FIDS of the Future with Suggestions to Passengers

As with FIDs of the Future, the key to passenger empowerment is always content. The digital signage content for LGA was built around the airport’s specific needs and goals. Localized content that celebrates the surrounding area creates a unique sense of place. Information, wait times, and other dynamic data help with people processing and operations. The content strategies and media will continue to evolve with the airport, but they will consistently target elevating passenger experience, enhancing customer service, and streamlining operations.

An interface showing flight informatino
FIDS of the Future Interface

Along with thought leadership and consulting, Synect created dynamic signage for LGA’s Terminal B security checkpoint and the taxi/curbside arrivals areas. Passengers are directed to their appropriate lanes and get essential information like wait times from Synect’s custom-created content for the checkpoint’s overhead LEDs. A custom New York City skyline creates a unique sense of place.

Synect-created content also delivers helpful, relevant information on totems positioned by the security lane. The content includes Synect’s ReadySeeGo security checkpoint content library to increase efficiency and decrease anxiety at an area that’s typically stressful for passengers. The ReadySeeGo security checkpoint content library has been vetted and implemented by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

These solutions were highlighted in Business Insider’s roundup of the best features in LaGuardia Airport’s huge new terminal:Electronic signs divide the lines with separate lanes for TSA PreCheck, families, and limited-mobility flyers. . . Informational signs along the way also tell passengers what they need to do when they get to the screening instead of having a TSA officer scream ‘belts off, laptops out,’ etc.”

The arrivals transportation and curbside area also received custom, contextual content from Synect. Taxi information, wayfinding, integrated wait times, and helpful information empowers passengers and leaves a distinct impression of LGA.

LGA’s Terminal B is a phenomenal project, and there is much more to be shared. Please stay tuned for in-depth articles about the installations. We will be exploring the new iconic signage at LGA and how the digital signage content strategy empowers passengers throughout the airport. You can follow along on social media.


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