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MCO Emphasizes Health and Safety with Digital Signage

The Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA) has always put the safety, health, and well-being of employees and passengers at the forefront of operations at Orlando International Airport (MCO). As the COVID-19 pandemic challenges the aviation industry to adapt to a quickly shifting public health crisis, the ability to rapidly communicate health and safety guidelines has emerged as a critical tool. GOAA is using its visual communication ecosystem and custom content as a communication channel to share health-related instructions across the airport.

The animated content was created by Synect based on guidelines from the CDC, Florida, and Orange County, as well as airport policies. The digital signage content includes reminders about handwashing, social distancing, cleaning, and more. It is easily understood and visually soothing, and it was built to complement the existing airport and airline visual messaging. These visual messages play across the many digital canvases in the ecosystem, including the curbside, self-check-in, massive check-in video wall, and the ReadySeeGo totems throughout the airport. ReadySeeGo is a portable, turnkey, plug-and-play digital signage product from Synect. It is being used at MCO throughout the landside and airside to deliver the health and safety reminders.

The ability to share health content across the airport quickly and efficiently gives the airport a new tool to fight the spread of the Coronavirus and puts public safety first. MCO’s passengers and employees benefit from easily consumable instructions and tips to stay safe, along with carefully designed visuals that emphasize proactive health information and decrease anxiety. Get in touch here for more information on how digital signage can help fight the spread of the Coronavirus in public facilities.

In other news, COVID-19 has emphasized the need for effective and accurate public communication and flexible visual communication systems. We are all in this together, and Synect is here to help with a free package of digital signage content for use in public spaces. This kit is based on current CDC health and safety guidelines, and it includes animated HD videos that organizations can use to make their facilities safer.

Download the free video content package at


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