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MCO & Synect Win Digital Signage Experience Award

We are thrilled that the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority and Synect have won a Digital Signage Experience (DSE) Award. The awards, also known as the DIZZIE Awards, celebrate groundbreaking installations and campaigns that challenge existing standards and drive the industry forward. The visual ecosystem at Orlando International Airport’s Terminal C won the 2023 DSE Award for Public Spaces.

Why is this space amazing?

The terminal features stunning airport-wide digital communication to welcome, engage, and assist airport passengers from ticketing to gates and beyond. Helpful, dynamic information and vivid custom multimedia content play on massive video walls and connected digital displays at Terminal C. The visual communication program guides airport visitors across their entire passenger journey.

Dynamic, automatically updated flight information and data about gates, baggage, concessions, wait times, and more are pulled from airport systems and shared across the visual ecosystem, which connects all airport terminals and the train station.

The displays include the canvases below.

  • At check-in, four video walls with 55 displays, two with 28 displays, and two with 18 displays share airport and airline branding, flight information, wait times, QR codes, concessions, and more.

  • A 22-display video wall at the Palm Court shows FIDS information, gate walk times, and airport messaging.

  • Two wayfinding video walls with 24 displays each and additional wayfinding throughout the terminal feature dynamic flight information, concessions, and amenities.

  • Two info desk videowalls with 40 displays each in the baggage claim area show flights, baggage information, wayfinding, and more.

Additional displays are located at security, gates, arrivals, CBP, international and domestic baggage claim, ground transport, and wayfinding throughout. The content plays across 876 screens at Terminal C.

Collage of award-winning digital signage at Orlando Internationa Airport showing check-in, wayfinding, and more

Synect’s Passenger360® system drives the content and displays at Terminals A, B, C, and the train station. As of today, the airport has a total of 2,131 digital displays managed by Passenger360. Learn more about the project here.

DSE announced the winners at a special reception on Monday, December 4, 2023, at the DSE show. Thank you to our clients and partners who trusted us to help bring this vision to life.

We also thank DSE for this honor and our dedicated team members who worked tirelessly to make it successful.


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