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Passenger360™ by Synect

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Passenger360™ is a next-generation digital signage platform for delivering essential travel information and engaging, entertaining content that moves passengers through the airport with ease. It is an all-inclusive offering from Synect that integrates high-impact content strategies; diverse, multilayered content; intelligent content management; and a scalable future-ready system.

The first step to implementing Passenger360™ is to engage in consultation and visualization about the business needs and passenger experience at an airport. This ensures the system can be customized to work within the existing airport infrastructure and workflow. It also ensures that the implementation considers current and future opportunities so airports can get optimize their digital signage investment.

From the curbside, to the check-in, to security, wayfinding, FIDS boards, gates, baggage claim, and beyond, the platform can scale throughout the airport. It can be implemented in phases, and it provides a flexible foundation for the future. It can serve, control, and synchronize an unlimited number of LCD, LED, or other displays in unlimited configurations, ranging from a single display to massive video walls, all from a central location. The Passenger360™platform is capable of management, delivery, and playback of various and near-unlimited content types, including large-format video and multimedia, dynamic and automatically updated travel-related data, manual inputs, interactive experiences, and more.

Pasenger360™ integrates with third-party data sources, such as resource management systems, and other systems, such as the airport operations center (AOC), Airport Operations Database (AODB), Flight Information Display (FIDS), Gate Information Display (GIDS), Baggage Information Display (BIDS), AV systems, and more. It also offers robust reporting and monitoring capabilities.

Synect customizes Passenger360™ for each client and each unique airport environment. The system includes the Passenger360™ Server, Messenger for Passenger360™, Passenger360™ Controller, Playback for Passenger360™, and Interactive Experiences for Passenger360™.

These components offer a complete solution for the next generation of airport digital signage. Passenger360™ is already helping drive visual communications and digital signage at world-leading airports, including the Orlando International Airport, LaGuardia Airport, San Francisco International Airport, and others. Interested in learning more? Contact us today.


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