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3 Ways ReadySeeGo® Helps Airport Passengers

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Airports are in the business of helping people get where they are going. Still, between a busy environment and airport signage, including wayfinding, instructional signage, digital signage, and other tools intended to help passengers navigate the airport, it’s easy to see how visual clutter builds up, leading to confused passengers.

ReadySeeGo® by Synect is the modern solution for quick, easy, and flexible digital signage. ReadySeeGo® provides passenger engagement, entertainment, and education by positioning compelling digital media in their line of sight with a sleek, self-enclosed mobile digital signage display.

Custom content and a portable, self-enclosed form-factor that can plug and play into any standard electrical outlet make ReadySeeGo® an easy way for airports to deploy informational signs wherever passengers might need help. Here are three ways that ReadySeeGo can help instruct, educate, and engage passengers.

Airport Wayfinding for Challenging Destinations

ReadySeeGo® is the easiest way to help passengers navigate to a hard-to-find destination. A few strategically placed digital signage totems will help passengers get where they are going, decrease help desks inquiries, and provide an attractive, flexible platform for airport-branded visual media.

Strategically placed ReadySeeGo® signs and custom content created by Synect helped Disney-bound passengers at Orlando International Airport find Disney’s Magical Express check-in.

Passenger Education for Challenging Procedures

ReadySeeGo® provides visual messaging to passengers where and when they need it. Educational content at the security checkpoint helps passengers prepare for a security screening. Engaging animations and dynamic estimated wait times enhance passenger experience at the checkpoint. This solution delivers a better, faster checkpoint at San Francisco International Airport and Harry Reid International Airport's Terminal 3 and TSA Innovation Checkpoint.

Localized & Personalized Airport Visual Content

Content that speaks directly to passengers and helps create a memorable sense of place will enhance their time at the airport. In addition to the security screening checkpoint instructions seen above, Synect created custom digital signage content for Harry Reid International Airport that coincided with Future Travel Experience and celebrated the local area. This type of content makes the airport more fun, attractive, and memorable.

Synect can create any content for the ReadySeeGo® totems. Bilingual and multilingual content can foster a welcoming, personalized passenger experience. Welcome messaging, wayfinding, ambiance, directional wayfinding, and passenger education are just some ways that ReadySeeGo® can help passengers and airports with visual communications programs.

Are you interested in what ReadySeeGo can do for your passengers? Contact us to speak with a member of our expert team.


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