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Airport Business Magazine Features Pax360 Multilingual Wayfinding

We are thrilled to share that Synect's Multilingual Wayfinding implementation at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) is featured in the latest edition of Airport Business magazine. The magazine and its website help airports operate more efficiently, and the article by Assistant Editor Rebecca Kanable goes in-depth on how digital displays sharing multilingual wayfinding messages help international travelers navigate the airport with ease.

Multilingual Wayfinding at DFW

Read it here to learn how DFW achieved operational improvements, including increased throughput, smoother flow, and easing international travelers to and through key areas like Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

Multilingual Wayfinding at DFW Airport

The article quotes Ken Buchanan, DFW Executive Vice President – Revenue Management and Customer Experience, explaining that the award-winning visual communication solution is helping set the stage for future enhancements at DFW. He says, “Multilingual signage has been expanded to other areas like our new Terminal C renovation project for our high-numbered gates and is currently being included in our designs for future projects as well.”

Check out the full article on today, and read the full case study here. If you're interested in upgrading from legacy digital signage and implementing multilingual wayfinding at your airport, please contact us.


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