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Airports Intl. on Airport Evacuation & Keeping Passengers Safe

Airport evacuations happen, but evacuation-level emergencies are among the most chaotic things that can happen at an airport. We are grateful our Emergency Messaging solution was included in Airports International’s recent article, Airport Evacuation: Keeping Travellers Safe, covering how airports can keep passengers calm and safe in an emergency. 

A digital signage totem at an airport showing emergency messages
Emergency Messaging on Synect's ReadySeeGo

Understanding Airport Evacuation Challenges

The article, written by Mark Broadbent, highlights the critical importance of airport evacuation procedures in ensuring passenger safety during emergencies. It underscores the challenges and complexities airports face in managing airport evacuations, emphasizing the need for meticulous planning and clear communication.

Key Factors in Emergency Airport Evacuations

As Richard Duncan, a seasoned consultant in critical incident management, states in the article, airport evacuations require careful consideration of various factors, including the nature of the incident, evacuation protocols, and communication strategies. At Synect, we understand the gravity of these challenges and have developed innovative solutions to address them.

Features of the Passenger360 Visual Communications Platform

Our Emergency Messaging solution, part of the Passenger360® visual communications platform, is designed to provide airports with a powerful tool for delivering clear and actionable emergency messages to passengers.

A user interface with five steps to help airports create, activate, and clear emergency messages
A preview of Passenger360's emergency messaging User Interface

This solution allows airports to easily create, activate, and clear emergency messages, and it also offers a library of various emergency scenarios and messages. 

It also lets airports deploy messages with precision, to an entire airport, one or more terminals, and various areas and subgroups of displays. 

Benefits of Effective Visual Communication in Emergencies

"For any visual communication program to be successful, especially one as critical as evacuation-related emergency messaging, airports need a system with effective content, flexible distribution, and the agility to react to real-time airport events," said Synect CEO Yahav Ran.


To learn more about how Synect is revolutionizing emergency messaging and enhancing passenger safety, explore our solutions page.

Contact us today to discover how our innovative technologies can help your airport effectively manage emergencies and keep passengers safe.


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