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ReadySeeGo® to the Most Magical Place on Earth

Synect’s ReadySeeGo® digital signage solution is more magical than ever in its latest implementation at the Orlando International Airport. ReadySeeGo® totems and a dazzling content package by the Synect creative studio light the way to the Disney Magical Express, a complimentary motor coach that transports travelers from Terminal B to their Disney Resort hotel.

Disney’s Magical Express is on Level 1 of the B Terminal. ReadySeeGo®’s eye-catching visuals and directional signage will now aid tourists and families wondering how to get to the Disney Magical Express. These strategically placed digital signs and the wayfinding content captures passengers’ attention to direct them to the Disney Magical Express counter.

The wayfinding content appears on the new totems and other digital signs within the airport’s visual communications ecosystem. MCO’s digital avatar Annie the Astronaut draws passengers’ attention to directional messages on overhead wayfinding signage.

She flies into the scene and lifts a fairy-inspired curtain to give viewers a peek at the Disney Magical Express. The animation directs passengers’ eyes to the wayfinding information they need.

The Magical Express has long been a favorite mode of transport among parkgoers. The new totems enhance passenger experience at the airport and build on the excitement Disney-bound travelers feel. The digital wayfinding solution incorporates motion to elevate communication. Changes and updates to the content are quicker and easier than is possible with printed signs.

“We loved working with the airport to define a new way to help people find the Disney Magical Express at MCO,” Synect Creative Director Ryan Boyle said. “Anyone, young or old, who’s taken a trip to Disneyworld knows that the experience is pure magic, and we’re honored that our content and our ReadySeeGo solution is helping add even more sparkle to their journey.”

ReadySeeGo® is a streamlined, turnkey digital signage solution for wayfinding, messaging, and countless other capabilities. Airports can install these self-contained structures anywhere there is a standard outlet, and they come with a starter pack of custom content for each airport.

See it at LG Electronics’ booth 815 at the ACI-NA show in Tampa next week or contact us for more information.


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